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How to obtain legal advice for non-Egyptians in Egypt

Service description

Mohamed Shalabi Lawyer's Office of Cassation presents - within the Egyptian Digital Lawyer Program Specialized legal advice services in all branches of law for non-Egyptians in Egypt Through the Internet in easy and safe ways and at a fixed cost, the value is paid electronically and a tax payment receipt is obtained

How can you obtain legal advice?

Anyone who wants to obtain legal advice should write to us on our WhatsApp account, With a summary of the subject of legal advice, and in the event that we accept to provide advice, we will respond to the sender by confirming that the answer is accepted, After our response by accepting the answer, the sender must pay the cost of legal advice and after confirming the payment, we will respond immediately to legal advice

What is the WhatsApp account number?

You can contact us by opening the following account link

Or by scanning the following QR code

What is the cost of legal advice?

55 US $ Including taxes

How is the cost of legal advice paid?

The following payment link can be opened to process the payment of the cost of legal advice

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