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All legal services for non-Egyptians in Egypt in one place | fixed cost

 How to get legal service in Egypt


Any non-Egyptian resident in Egypt may need multiple legal services, and a non-Egyptian may not reside in Egypt, but he has legal interests in Egypt that he wants to implement, and he does not know the right place to obtain these services safely, at a fixed and guaranteed cost, but now here is your safe place to obtain For your legal services at any time and anywhere in Egypt.

The Egyptian Digital Lawyer Program, run by Mohamed Shalabi, the lawyer in cassation, provides all legal services to non-Egyptians in Egypt in an advanced manner through the Internet with multiple digital platforms, and the legal service applicant in Egypt does not need to leave his home or country in order to obtain this service.

What legal services do we provide?

First- Previous legal advice on any procedure in Egypt for non-Egyptians

Second- All civil and criminal cases for non-Egyptians in Egypt

Third- Family issues, contract procedures, real estate, residence, establishment and management of investment companies in Egypt for non-Egyptians.

How do we work?

Whoever needs our legal services must first write to us on our WhatsApp account to determine what legal service he/she needs and his nationality, and we will respond to him/her at the cost of that service, and after his/ her response with approval of the cost, we send him/ her a payment link to pay the cost of the service, and after completing and confirming the payment process We immediately start implementing the legal service and send the service requester an invoice with the value of the cost he paid

What is our WhatsApp account?

for contact us on our WhatsApp account please click on this link

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