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Investing in Egypt - Great opportunity for investors around the world | E-Lawyer

How to become one of the richest people in the world by investing in Egypt?


Egypt has now become one of the most attractive places for investment, This is due to a number of factors that encourage foreign investor to implement their investment projects, and achieving the highest percentage of global profits
The most important factors that attract investment in Egypt are:-

The legal system

Egypt issued a new investment law, Law No. 72 of 2017, The law gives investors guarantees to protect their investments from any arbitrary administrative decision
The establishment of companies and the issuance of all legal licenses are carried out through the one-stop system through the digital services technology that the General Investment Authority in Egypt operates
The procedures for forming companies end within hours after submitting the company's documents
The law gives investors multiple incentives, Such as tax breaks on multiple transactions, and customs exemptions on requirements for operating the investment project

Demographic and cultural diversity 

There are nearly 100 million people in Egypt, this population is in constant need of consumer goods and services,in the fields of Trade in food and clothing, transportation, information technology, real estate, education and agriculture, livestock, and non-commercial services such as digital legal services, human capacity building, and sports.
this continuous need brings to the investor in commercial and service projects very high profits, and the skilled workforce is spread in all crafts and services in large numbers

What our office provides to serve the investors

- Our office provides all legal services to form companies at the lowest financial cost 1% of the company's capital
- Legal management of investment companies for a full year at a fixed cost of $ 5,000
- For entrepreneurs from Arab and African countries and all countries of the world, all legal services are provided at a fixed financial cost of 220 US dollars or 220 euros, for company's formation and legal administration for a full year
- We offer free legal advice to answer any questions
- We have many investment project proposals that comply with the investment law, and it corresponds to the needs of Egyptian society and the geographical and demographic environment, to achieve the highest profits
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