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Exchange of Legal Services project | E-Lawyer

What is the Electronic Lawyer Program?


E-Lawyer is a program to provide digital legal services, works through this site; it also works on mobile phones through a smart application published on Google Play and Apple Store in Arabic only
However, any citizen from any country around the world who needs legal services in Egypt can benefit from this service through this site according to the special procedures that we will mention at the end of the article

How the program and the application of electronic lawyer works

. The application works based on an annual membership or individual applications as fast as follows

Membership of lawyers to provide services

Lawyers' applications are accepted in their respective departments. After evaluation and acceptance, a mutual responsibility contract is drawn up between the program and the member's lawyer, to ensure efficiency, commitment and honesty to maintain the reputation of the program.

Annual membership of the legal club for citizens

 Receive citizens' requests for court case services, legal consultations, and other legal services. An application file is prepared and after being considered and accepted, the citizen becomes a member of the legal club of the program for one year.
The subscription is paid by various payment methods.
Then we give the file to the competent lawyer by the legal specialization and the place of residence of the citizen to begin taking legal procedures
 If the services exceed one year, the subscription shall be renewed with new fees after the end of the year

What is the legal form of work that we do?

E-Lawyer Services Program is an individual project implemented by the Egyptian lawyer - Mohamed Shalabi - to provide legal services in Egypt since November 2018.
This program will be transformed into a joint-stock company for digital legal services under the new Egyptian investment law No. 72 of 2017, so that legal services can be provided through an institution and not an individual in Egypt and all countries of the world.
We are looking for appropriate funding to implement this program institutionally, locally and internationally

Why we thought about the implementation of this program

Factors affecting our project

I. Digital development of service delivery
 The legal services market in Egypt needs to be digitally developed to match the technological and digital development of all human services and needs in Egypt
In the next few months, Egypt will turn to digital technology in all government services and towards full financial inclusion
2- Market demand for legal services
 There are approximately 3 million cases a year in the Egyptian courts, and 70% of these cases are classified as social and economic cases because they represent the basic rights of the poor classes in society, and because the economic conditions of these classes are very weak, they face financial suffering when dealing with lawyers to rise The financial value of lawyers when providing legal services
3 - Dealing with lawyers
 Citizens face suffering in dealing with many lawyers in Egypt because lawyers work in the same old traditional legal profession system. Without any documents and without any proof of the right of the citizen in the payment of money for the legal service he needs

Competitive Advantage of E-Lawyer Program in the Legal Services Market in Egypt

Although the e-lawyer program is now an individual project and not an institutional one, it offers a great competitive advantage that makes it better than other legal service providers, whether they practice law individually or through a company.
First, the process of communication and communication between the citizen and the Central Technical Office for the management of application through customer service allows him a system of continuous follow-up of all legal procedures without moving from his home, thus ensuring full knowledge of all steps of his legal services and also provides financial burdens and physical effort in moving from Place him to the lawyers' offices or to the courts to review his procedures
Second: Ensure compliance and responsibility under the contract to be released between the Department of Application and the citizen, which guarantees the responsibility of the application and its limits in every legal service obtained by the citizen in return for the annual subscription to be paid
Third: The protection of the member citizen in the application from being exploited by the lawyer who is directly with the service in his geographical area, where the citizen's communication will be only with the application management, which ensures the commitment of the lawyer with him through responsibility contracts and follow-up procedures and control of each step practiced by the lawyer for the benefit of the member citizen. And submit to reward and punishment
Fourth: The simple financial value that citizens will pay as an annual subscription for obtaining all his legal services without incurring any additional financial burdens. This item is considered to be the biggest competitive advantage because it is defined according to official receipts and not random, as happens in the legal services market.

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