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Legal services for non - Egyptians in Egypt | E-Lawyer

What are the legal services for
 non-Egyptians, and the value of their prices?

Legal Services

1 -   investment companies  formation inside Egypt 

2 -  legal management of investment companies 

3 -  legal services of buying real estate in Egypt 

4 - Legal services for rental of real estate in Egypt 

5 - Marriage Contracts and Documentation Procedures in Egypt 

6 -  Court case services (criminal cases, civil cases, economic cases, banks, disputes with government agencies) 


We offer legal services at a fixed financial value and not an hourly value system, Whatever the number of legal Services through year

annual subscription fees in Legal Club is 220 US $ or 220 EUR

How foreigners can access legal services in Egypt


Non-Arabic speakers from any country around the world when they need legal services in Egypt can register their application in English through the form of applications for legal services for foreigners from this link
 applications for legal services for non-Egyptian 

You can install the electronic lawyer application from Google Play and Apple Store platforms at the following links:

For Android devices and tablets

For iPhone and iPad


We receive payments via our PayPal account from our homepage, other payment methods will be agreed in the absence of a PayPal account
Payment is made after acceptance of the application form

For further inquiries:

 please contact us on this e-mail:
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